Part 2: Painting Our Basement – The Floor

This blog post is a little late…my apologies. We were super-busy over the past week updating our bathroom and kitchen to prepare for our move-in day (still undetermined). Still, I promised a blog post on our floors, so here it is….better late than never.

On the Tuesday of my stay-cation, we went over to the house after M got off work to finish up our mini-project in the basement. With the walls finished and beautiful (sorry if that’s not the appropriate term for freshly painted walls, but hey, they’re really nice…), we moved on to the next obstacle–the floors.

We purchased four cans of Behr 1-part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint in “fresh concrete” gray. We’re a huge fan of this color.

Behr 1-part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Paired with the Behr’s Metallic Blend Decorative Color Flakes, the paint provided excellent coverage with a polished final product. We’ve already received compliments that it looks professionally done. So proud to say we did this whole project on our own!

Behr Decorative Flakes

Painting the Floor

The overall process was pretty simple, and much easier to complete than painting the walls, because we didn’t have as many obstacles to paint around. M took care of the trim with a small paint brush while I tackled the bulk of the floor with a roller brush–he’s so brave.

Painted floor with flakes

I did an OK job; however, you’ll see in the photos below that as the paint was drying, you could see the “patches” where I stopped and started.

Patchy painted floor

Fortunately for us, once the floor dried, you couldn’t tell that I boxed myself in multiple times.

The Results

The paint went on so smoothly, and we didn’t even need a second coat! We only used about 1 and 3/4 gallons of paint, and 2.5 packages of flakes, so we’ll probably be returning the remaining supplies for store credit.

painted basement

Laundry room

We did find a leak in one of our overhead pipes after we completed this job, because we found a small area where the paint hadn’t cured to the floor properly.  We asked a family friend who’s a plumber by trade to take a look, and adjust the pipe accordingly.

patch where paint didn't dry because of leak

Total Monetary Investment

  • 4 Cans, 1-part Epoxy Concrete & Floor Paint, $31.98 each (We only used 1.5, so two cans may be going back to Home Depot!)
  • 4 Packages, Behr Metallic Blend Decorative Color Flakes, $8.48 each (We used 2.5, so we might return 1 bag as well)

Time Investment

  • Three hours, Tuesday evening


2 responses to “Part 2: Painting Our Basement – The Floor

    • Hi Christine,

      We did very little prep work for this project. We removed any debris, including some old tape on the floor, and swept away any dirt. A few months post project, the floor is still in great shape! There are two small areas where we had a leak that require touch up, but those are both minor and unnoticeable for the most part.

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