Part 2: Painting Our Basement – The Floor

This blog post is a little late…my apologies. We were super-busy over the past week updating our bathroom and kitchen to prepare for our move-in day (still undetermined). Still, I promised a blog post on our floors, so here it is….better late than never.

On the Tuesday of my stay-cation, we went over to the house after M got off work to finish up our mini-project in the basement. With the walls finished and beautiful (sorry if that’s not the appropriate term for freshly painted walls, but hey, they’re really nice…), we moved on to the next obstacle–the floors. Continue reading

Part 1: Painting Our Basement – The Walls

At the start of my stay-cation, M and I tackled our basement. Our inspector mentioned during our walk-through that the basement was fairly dry and could be finished if we ever desired to take on such a project. Although it wasn’t a requirement to move in, we figured now was as good a time as any to take a few extra steps to waterproof the area. Continue reading