Instant Curb Appeal – Removing Shrubs

The moment we found out we were going to close on our house, M and I made our first joint decision. Once we moved in, the out-of-control shrubs in the front yard would have to go. Check out this screenshot from google earth. Yikes.

out of control shurbery

Full-disclosure–it wasn’t quite that bad when we bought the place. Even so, something had to be done before they had the chance to take over again.

Out of control shrubs

On the next-to-last day of my stay-cation, M’s dad and I managed to pull three rhodedendrons, two baby maple trees, and a few assorted things, for lack of a better term. We had a little help–we wrapped a chain around the base of each shrub, one at a time, and slowly used M’s dad’s truck to drag them from the terrain.

Unfortunately, the ugly cement block that I hated anyway was a casualty of the removal process. Even though it was an accident, I wasn’t exactly devastated to get rid of those blocks sooner rather than later.

shrub removal - work in progress

There was one srub/tree/bush thing that was just so stubborn. It broke a chain and a nylon strap. In the end, M had to take a maddox, a kind of pick-ax, to literally chop the bush out of the ground. Needless to say, we’ve got some major curb appeal improvement with just one day of work. Even with the front yard in a bit of disrepair, I kept making the comment that things were looking better already, and M kept looking at me like I was crazy.

shrubs gone

M spent the better part of the evening removing dirt from the roots–they took a ton of dirt with them when we pulled them out, and he piled the cement block up into these weird pillars just to get them out of the way.

no more shrubs

Our longterm goal is to add more dirt around the foundation and slope down away from the house, to prevent water from destroying the front of the foundation. I have my heart set on a new sidewalk made of pavers, but that’ll probably have to wait until next summer or fall…fingers crossed!

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