The quick or the dead

This article originally appeared in the March. 14, 2008 issue of the Royal when I was a senior in high school. Opinions and facts have been updated to reflect current events and understandings.

Here are some helpful ideas for where to center any defensive attacks. To protect yourself, aim for these locations:

Feet.     The foot is comprised of many little and intricately placed fragile bones and cartilage. Remember, unless your attacker is wearing steel-toed boots, chances are, stomping on his foot will at least divert his attention enough for you to strike him in another location to inflict additional damage before escaping.

Nose.     This part of the body is made up of cartilage, making it easier to harm. Attack this area to temporarily stun your assailant. Think about this: even if you punch the person in the nose and he doesn’t bleed, his eyes will water—I know from experience. Thus, his vision will be impaired long enough for you to continue to pummel him and run away.

Groin.     When all else fails, hit ’em where it hurts ladies! That goes for you too, guys. I don’t care who you are, man or woman, getting hit hard enough in the groin will make anyone double over.

Eyes.     Don’t be afraid to poke your predator in the eyes. Don’t feel bad about it either; he intends to inflict harm on you, and possibly kill you. This is no time to be nice or considerate.

Floating ribs.    One of my target areas, the floating ribs are extremely sensitive and fragile. They serve as a prime location for anyone who might grab you. Simply jab your thumb into their sides—if done correctly, your attacker will shriek in pain.

Collarbone.     This is one of the easiest body parts to break. Only a pound of pressure is needed to fracture it. Once it’s fractured, guess what, an attacker won’t be able to use his arms anymore…pity.

Disclaimer: This article in no way suggests aggressive behavior unprovoked. It is simply a guide for anyone who might feel threatened.

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