New Orleans or Bust

It’s 5 a.m….I’ve been up since close to 2:30 and in a van for almost an hour already. I still have about 17-18 hours to go.

I, along with six students, 2 professors and D-Man from Seton Hill University, am on my way to New Orleans, Louisiana to work for Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break.

Most kids take spring break as an opportunity to relax, catch up on lost sleep and spend time with friends and family from back home. Some plan elaborate trips to the south to get an
early start in their summer tans while others–athletes– travel south to compete in pre-season games and matches.

At the start of my senior year, I though I would be one of those athletes, traveling to Florida to compete in a golf match with my team. But, life had other plans in store for me and once I’d closed the chapter of my life’s book that revolved around golf, I knew I needed to take advantage of my new-found freedom over spring break.

Initially, I desired to travel to Florida with some friends to celebrate my pending graduation, but labs fell through–traveling costs money, don’t you know? So, I found myself back to the drawing board when a close friend and ex-teammate suggested I look into the trip to New Orleans.

I put a lot of thought into my decision to devote my whole break to working–I’d assumed I’d spend my break working anyway at my internship but this would be a different type of working.

I wouldn’t consider myself handy or overly step g, but ivegot this intense desire to help people–and I love traveling. This trip seems like a perfect fit.

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