Save your money and your waistline; boycott Valentine’s Day

This article was originally published in the Feb. 16, 2012 issue of The Setonian.

Ah Valentine’s Day. The day when love fills the air. Couples show an extra dose of public displays of affection. Retailers coat their pockets from the obscene number of over-sized novelty teddy bears, chocolate boxes and diamonds sold in the weeks leading up to the holiday. I’m here to ask you one question, Seton Hill: what’s the point?

Before you accuse me of being a cynic or of having no heart, know that I’ve been in a serious relationship for three years now. And it’s because of my relationship’s longevity, with my guy’s heavy approval, that I decided to boycott Cupid’s holiday once and for all. I know you’re probably thinking, what kind of an advice column is this? Well, for starters, there are a number of logical reasons why you and your significant other should boycott Valentine’s Day.

Reason#1 You shouldn’t need a holiday to appreciate and value your relationship.

Reason #2 Valentine’s day is just another excuse for Hallmark to sell overly expensive greeting cards.

Reason #3 Valentine’s Day is a florist’s biggest day of the year, and you’ll pay dearly for it.

Reason #4 Restaurants make a killing on Valentine’s Day.

Reason #5 It creates hostility in the work environment.

Reason #6 Chocolate is fattening.

Reason #7 It’s hardly even a real holiday.

Reason # 8 Cupid is a creep.

For full examples of why I boycotted Valentine’s Day, check out the extended article on The Setonian Online.

Also, check out this infographic about why Valentine’s Day is a greedy corporate holiday…


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