Preview: Gamers prepare for release of ‘Mass Effect 3′ following article was originally published in the February 16 issue of The Setonian.
This is it. The end of the world—or at least, this is the situation gamers face in the upcoming final chapter of the “Mass Effect” Trilogy. Once again players will take on the role of Commander Shepard, an officer in the Systems Alliance Navy and commanding officer of the SSV Normandy.

In this final installment, it’s up to you, Shepard, to defend Earth and the human race against the “Reapers,” an ancient alien race hell-bent on destroying everything in their path. “The price of failure is extinction,” according to the product details issued by BioWare.
The game picks up just before the “Reapers” launch a full invasion on Earth, but it’s entirely up to the player to determine how you’ll stop them. Choose whether you attack with a tactical approach or launch an all-out military assault, guns blazing.
Unlike most choose your own adventure role-playing games (RPG), “Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War” (ME3) takes the game to the next level by letting you, the user, customize your gaming experience. Gamers have the option to play out the campaign in three different modes: Action Mode, Story Mode and RPG Mode.
For the complete review, visit The Setonian Online.

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