Changes on the Horizon

I joined a gym about two and a half weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about “dedicating” so much of my free time to working out, but I’ve grown to look forward to my daily work outs. Yep, that’s right. I’m not messing around. Since I joined a local Planet Fitness, I’ve made a trip to the gym every day except for two. I even went yesterday all the while knowing of a threat of a mega-snow storm.

In these past two weeks, I’ve also diligently been watching what I eat, and I do my best to eat around 1500 calories per day. I’m not claiming that this is the best way to diet, but it’s certainly easier to maintain. I get to eat whatever I want so long as I pay close attention to serving sizes.

I also drink water constantly…I drink well over the recommended 8 cups of water. And you know what? Suddenly, I don’t crave soda or alcohol or anything besides water. Sure I’ll have a drink occasionally when I go out to dinner, but to be honest, I would prefer water!

I’ve lost two pounds since I started going to the gym regularly. I imagine I’ve probably lost more in terms of fat, however, because I can feel muscle definition creeping up in my arms and legs.

I’m a little disappointed that I’m going to miss going to the gym twice this week–I’m donating blood on Tuesday and Wednesday is the big 3-year anniv. with M. so I don’t have time after class and work to make it to the gym. But, I’ve worked pretty hard these past two weeks, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty…


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